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Saving Faith

Saving Faith - David Baldacci I'm kind of amazed, based on the (lack of) quality of the writing, that this was even published. So poorly written I'm struggling to finish it, and I may not succeed.

This is the second book in as many months that I've read by a big-name, much-published author, that is just plain **badly written*** that was published back in the 90s - and it makes me wonder: was it just that we didn't care back then, and anything that a popular writer wrote was immediately gobbled up, or were our standards for fiction that LOW?


Begs the question: should I read something more recent by this author before I write him off for good? Because based on this, I would completely avoid him.

Inquiring minds want to know...

Update: I ended up skipping the last half of the book to the last two chapters. If I hadn't done this I might have had to downgrade it to one star because by the middle of the book the plot and the writing had become so cliche I couldn't stand to waste any more time on it. The end was okay. It's nice to read a love story from the male point of view when the guy is actually desirable - meaning physically fit, smart, and kind. That's probably the nicest thing I can say about the book.