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John J. Rowlands, Henry B. Kane
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Tamsin Blanchard
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Henry Mitchell
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Alain de Botton
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Wilma A. Dunaway
Financially Secure: An Easy-To-Follow Money Program for Women
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The Flinch
Julien Smith

Keep a Little Secret

Keep a Little Secret - Dorothy Garlock Nice cover; don't let that fool you. Poorly written dialogue is just the first, perhaps most obvious fault in this book. The characters are not only unlikeable and cliched, I couldn't understand exactly what the author was trying to accomplish in attempting to tell this train-wreck of a story. There was simply no compelling plot, no real theme, nothing to convince me to take the book seriously, and it was so excruciatingly dull and then over-dramatic by turns that if the author's intention was to entertain, she failed miserably. This is a book that made me shake my head and wonder, just exactly *how* did this get published by a major imprint? Was it a joke?